We have created areas of varied sizes for private recreation in the park gardens. These areas are sequestered by a wicker or bush fence. They have everything you need to create a special environment and a unique feeling for yourself.

Here you have a canopy, a picnic spot, lawn, amenities, lockers for personal property and even vegetable growing beds. Here you can relax for a day or you can choose to enjoy your own private space of nature all summer long.


We offer several types of recreation areas, where everyone can throw private parties or host corporate events, grow vegetables and flowers all season long or just spend a few hours in the nature.



To particularly pamper your guests, set the summer's most exciting event in the glamping tent! In addition to the charming garden house, the rental includes garden and tent furniture. You may also rent other accessories as needed.



The semi-enclosed area of ​​up to 600 m² with a bell tent is a magnificent place to celebrate private parties or arrange small corporate gatherings. It includes complete barbecue area, garden and indoor furniture, garbage can, toilet, water tank for watering. You can also rent other accessories and extra furniture.



Enjoy the nature by having a leisurely picnic or hot fun barbeque with family and friends! No need to worry about barbecue, garden furniture, firewood or garbage bin - it's all part of picnic place rental. For extra comfort we can also provide small sheds or a gazebo and other accessories.



In the quietest corner of Esena Gardens, we are setting up separate areas for gardeners that are segregated by wicker or bush fences. You can rent these areas for the entire vegetable growing season.

The price will depend on size of the chosen area and type of equipment you need (tent or house, tool shed, greenhouse, etc.). For a fee, you may choose to assign more difficult tasks to the gardeners we provide.

We will offer to sign a lease agreement which will set out, among other things, the internal rules. They will allow you to feel safe and peaceful here.

Family members of tenants are granted free entrance to Esena Gardens’ territory and also significant discounts to use of all paid attractions.



Take a look inside our new, 330m2 large, partially covered Manor Terrace! Transparent, folding
walls invite you to feel the presence of the overshadowing Esena Manor trees. From here you are
set to enjoy breathtaking views of the ponds and the entire park area.
Manor Terrace is open to visitors of Esena Gardens to shelter away from sun or sudden rainfall.
This is the place to challenge friends to shuffleboard and other popular outdoor games.
The terrace café offers snacks and refreshments. Daily, it is open to all visitors, but during
private events the café can be completely assigned to the event.
We invite you to celebrate beautiful weddings, organize unforgettable public and corporate
events at the Manor Terrace of Esena Gardens! Do not hesitate to invite your favorite DJs and
artists to stage events, games, performances, and tear up the dance floor!