Lovers of sports and outdoor activities will appreciate the wide variety of entertainment available to them. Test your courage and agility on the rope track and the inflatable water city. Enjoy cycling tours. Play beach volleyball or tennis. Practice your golf skills. Choose a place to prevail in badminton or ball games on surface of a thirty-hectare lawn. Show kids how to fly kites along the old airport auxiliary route. Rest comfortably in hammocks or engage in other exciting activities in nature!



Esena Hill air trail will test your courage!

You can start with the easier course – the small circle, which has 16 attractions including a 40 meters long run at the end.

Even our 3 to 5 year old brave visitors accompanied by their parents, will be able to test their strength on this route.

The big circle with 11 attractions will prove much more demanding. At the end you will enjoy 170 and 80 meter long runs!

Are you strong enough to overcome all hurdles and obstacles? Stay on rope steps, climb over the climbing wall, cross rope bridges?

Darba laiks:

darba dienās 14.00 - 19.00

Brīvdienās 12.00 - 19.00

Auguma ierobežojumi

Mazais aplis –  no 135cm

Lielais aplis – no 150cm

Ja augums ir mazāks par 135cm, tad Mazajā trasē var doties kopā ar pieaugušu personu.

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Jau atklājām jauno un citur pasaulē jau tik populāro atrakciju – piepūšamo pilsētu uz ūdens!

Pārvietošanās pa pilsētas „ielām” prasīs no Tevis veiklību, un  Tu ļoti ātri sapratīsi, ka peldošā šķēršļa nepārvarēšana  beidzas ar patīkami jautru iegāšanos ūdenī!

We already opened our new attraction, which has already attained immense popularity around the globe- inflatable city on water

Getting around the water city will require you to show agility, and you will quickly realize that not clearing the floating hurdle ends with a fun plunge into water!

We will provide you with safety vests and wetsuits, but you will be obliged to comply with terms of use of the attraction.

Darba laiks:

darba dienās 14:00 - 19:00

Brīvdienās 12:00 - 19.00



We care about sports enthusiasts as much as about those who love to bask in the sun while enjoying good company

In our small lakes cascade zone you can sunbathe and play badminton or various ball games. Or you can watch your friends have fun and share good laugh in the inflatable water city.

During the summer season, the sandy beach for sunbathing will have a fast-food and refreshments area next to it.


Pludmales zona.JPG


Piepūšama atrakcija mazākajiem Esena dārzu apmeklētājiem - seno dzīvnieku pilsētiņa Zauriņš!

Atrakciju var apmeklēt no 3gadu vecuma, vecāku uzraudzībā!

30min: 3€


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A ride in a bike cart is a convenient and enjoyable way for children to explore Esena Gardens from a different angle.

This activity will be especially exciting if you compete in a company of friends!



The youngest visitors of Esena Gardens are welcome to the cheerful Cubs Trail, which has rope fitted bridges, a small climbing wall, a rope run and other obstacle elements to make the little vacationers happy and active while outdoors

In the 2019 season, swings will be available next to the Cubs Trail, as well as very popular trampoline with rubber bands!



As the dependence on electronic devices grows, the countermeasures are rapidly gaining ground in form of outdoor games, which are enjoyed by children, young people and adults. By everyone!

Next to the “chillout terrace” we will offer:​

  • shuffleboard

  • kubb game

  • cornhole

  • ring throwplay

  • giant jenga

  • darts

  • outdoor chess

  • spinladder

  • tumble tower

  • beer pong

  • inflatable outdoor sumo

  • zorbing balls

  • molkky

  • ring toss

  • giant dice

…and other games!

Kids will enjoy our Inflatable Bouncy Castle and have a great time playing ball games, badminton, paddle rackets, frisbee, twisters, flying kites, participating in relay races, playing scrabble, uno, card games and many more!

Follow the news here and on our Facebook page! You can be among the first to try out these world-famous outdoor games!

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