The Harmony of Nature in the City


Picturesque place near the center of Riga, where you can relish recreational activities with family and friends, have a chilled out picnic, or savor the freshness of long walks.

Please inquire about working hours on public holidays by phone!

Life in the city fascinates, but at times everyone starts longing for simplicity and breathing space. For a place to feel relaxed and find a peace of mind. For return to the roots.


That's why we have created a sanctuary of nature in the city. Amazing place to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and look around. Take that look to rediscover that life is indeed beautiful.

We kindly invite everyone to hold larger or smaller events, rent individual rest areas with or without tents or sheds. You can forget the hustle and idle in the hammocks. You can put your agility and courage to test on the rope trail or in our inflatable water park. You can unleash fun playing garden games or cycling.

Caring for peace and comfort of our visitors, we only walk or bicycle in the park, so we invite you to park your vehicles in our parking lot.

Starting with the summer season of 2019, you can also dine with us. We will offer delicious meals, refreshing drinks and coffee and ice cream. The outdoor meal always has a special charm!

Come and choose the most suitable type of leisure and recreation for yourself!




In the gardens of the former Esena manor, leisure fans, families with children and lovers of peaceful walks will all find the most suitable type of recreation.